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Plumbing Emergency Inner West


The renovations inside the federation house in the Inner West were almost complete. Bryce was applying the final coats of paint to the door and window frames. He and his partner had gone to great lengths to preserve the federation feel of the house and was very pleased with the colour scheme and the renovations that had been made.

They had designed and installed a new kitchen as the old one was in very poor condition and suffered from a lot of water damage over the years and they had remodelled the bathroom and updated the old green ceramic fixtures with modern white cabinets and fittings.

The next item on the list was the garden. They had decided on a formal garden with sandstone pavers for the courtyard and raised garden beds. The garden would be simple and elegant while easy to maintain. They had decided to break the backyard into “rooms” with each section of the garden having its own personality.

Bryce was fortunate to have a few friends that agreed to help him do some of the work in the garden and assisting with the sandstone paves and garden beds. The entire yard needed to be stripped back as the previous owners never bothered with the garden and it was all overgrown with weeds and vines.

With a skip bin that the ready the group set about tearing up the backyard ready for Bryce’s new “room” design. There would be a grassed area so if they decided to get a little dog it would have somewhere to run and two paved areas. One of the paved areas was to contain a pergola so he could set up a barbeque for easy entertaining.

The frames for the pergola needed post holes dug and then the footings cemented into the ground. He had the frames delivered and now he was setting out where he needed to dig the post holes. He measured and marked out an area where he wanted to erect the gazebo and started digging. The first post hole was dug with no problems, it was actually a little easier than he thought. The next hole was also easy to dig to the required depth. The third post hole was proving difficult. He encountered some tree roots and decided to use a mattock to dig the hole deeper.

There was a particularly tough section that he finally managed to break through with one almighty swing of the mattock when he heard the ‘clanging’ sound of metal. Next thing he knew the hole was filling with water. He had managed to sever the garden hose water line.

He ran towards the water meter and shut of the water supply. Next he used his laptop to search for an Inner West Plumber on the internet. He came across Your Neighbourhood Plumber Inner West and noticed that they had an Inner West Emergency Service.

He phoned the Inner West Plumber and explained what had happened and he advised him that he would arrive within the next hour. When the plumber saw what had happened he explained that Bryce should have consulted property plans to see where the services were located. The plumber exposed the broken pipe and repaired the pierced section. Water was restored to the property and the line was tested for leaks.

Call your local Inner West Emergency Plumber for any Plumbing Emergency on our 24 hour hotline 0402 038 979 .

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