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No Hot Water Inner West

David was an Ambulance Officer working in the Inner West. It was at the end of his fortnightly shift cycle and he was looking forward to spending time with his family. There was just one more job that he and his partner were called out to before knock off time.

A car and a truck were travelling along Parramatta Road Ashfield when they collided. The ambulance had sirens blaring as they passed through the busy peak hour traffic. When they arrived at the scene of the accident they saw that the car door was torn off, and the girl was thrown from the car while still in her booster seat.

David was extremely concerned for the little girls welfare and he realised that the impact of the collision had thrown her from the car. He was extremely relieved to see that the little girl was still in her booster seat when she was thrown from the car and that took the impact. David and his partner checked the girl’s vital signs and found that the girl seemed to suffer only cuts and bruises.

Once they loaded the girl into the ambulance they took her to hospital for further observation. They were given the all clear to leave the girl and they headed back to the ambulance station. David filled out all of the necessary paperwork and his shift was completed.

He headed home for a hot shower and was looking forward to having some sleep. When he arrived home and went to get in the shower there was only warm water from the taps. He was too tired to worry too much about it so he had a quick shower and asked his wife to call a plumber to investigate the lack of hot water.

Debbie called Your Neighbourhood Plumber Inner West and reported the problems with her hot water. The Inner West Plumber arrived and he investigated the issues with the hot storage tank. He saw that the tank was only a few years old so it should still function.

As the tank was located at the side of the house, nobody usually ventured down there unless the kids went to retrieve a ball or something similar. He noticed the Gas storage HWS was surrounded by leaves and debris and there was not a lot of air reaching the main burner.

He grabbed a bucket and scraped up all of the leaves and twigs and also removed a piece of cardboard that had had blown near the heater. Once all of that was cleared the main burner had enough oxygen to work properly. The hot water was restored and the plumber had stayed as quiet as he could appreciate that David was sleeping after his long nightshift.

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