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Having trees and plants around the house can be helpful, but there are also times when problems arise because of them. For example, the roots of these trees can intrude sewage pipes and cause sewage problems. When this happens, the pipes are blocked, causing many problems. Signs of blocked pipes include a foul smell being emitted when using the toilet, backflow of water and bubbling sounds coming from sinks etc.

Three decades ago, the best way to address sewage pipe problems was through traditional methods. The problem with these methods was the inconvenience of excavation which disrupts properties, with the plumbing job taking days to finish. The good news however, is that newer technologies like pipe relining have been introduced.

What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is a trenchless method of repairing damaged sewer pipes. It involves fitting a smaller pipe or a lining to protect the damaged pipe, thereby cutting on the cost of pipe repair. It can be used to repair these types of pipes and more:

    – Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

    – Earthenware

    – Cast iron

    – Copper

    – Concrete

The steps involved in the pipe relining process

Most people know the hassle of constantly having to drain sewer pipes, or worse, replacing them. The process is long and messy but pipe relining does away with most of these hassles. The steps involved in the pipe relining process are as follows:

Video inspection. A video inspection is performed using a CCTV camera. This also allows clients to view the condition of their pipe and decide if they should opt for the pipe relining process or not.

Complete clean. The next step is to thoroughly clean the pipes to remove any blockage. We use a high pressure water jetter which is highly efficient and can effectively remove tree roots.

Lining installation. The next thing we do is install the lining material. The calibration tube will be inflated. We also introduce steam or hot air to make sure it cures securely in place.

Re-inspection. After the resin is allowed to set for approximately one to two hours, another CCTV inspection is done to ensure the quality of the job.

What can be expected after the pipe relining process has been completed

The benefits of pipe relining are of course an important factor to consider when deciding on whether to have pipe relining performed on your damaged pipes. Here are some of the benefits that our clients have enjoyed:

Time efficiency. Pipe relining is much faster compared to the traditional methods of pipe repair.

Durability. It is expected that the material used for pipe relining will last for up to 50 years.

Double protection. The pipes with their resilient new lining are protected from further root intrusion.

Cos- efficient. The cost for pipe relining work is much cheaper than traditional methods.

Do you feel that pipe relining is the method to resolve your sewage pipe concerns? Call us on 0402 038 979 and we will be glad to answer your questions about this pipe repair method.

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