FAQs About Pipe Relining

pipe relining FAQs

Apparently, when we discover a new method or a new device, we automatically compare it to older ones to see which is more effective, efficient, economical and durable. Same thing happened when pipe relining method was new in the market. A lot of homeowners asked questions for them to ensure that the new pipe rehabilitation method is reliable and way better compared to the others. Here are some of the questions most people ask pertinent to pipe relining:


How does this new method differ from the old one?

First of all, one of the newest pipe repair methods in the plumbing industry is the pipe relining method. With that being said, its procedure and cost are way different compared to the traditional method. For instance, the procedure if this method isn’t similar to the old one that requires heavy equipment to make a trench. Back then, before replacing or repairing a broken pipe, it has to be extracted from the ground. See the disruption it makes to your property? Apparently, your lawn will be in a mess during the procedure. Same thing to the manpower, since heavy digging is needed, there should be more men to make the excavation procedure faster. This is one of the noticeable different between pipe relining and the traditional one. About the cost of the procedure, the old one is expensive because of the consumable resources such as fuel in order to power the equipment.

On the other hand, pipe relining only require 2 access points. These access points will serve as an entrance and exit point of the liner. Since trench is no longer, that means that manpower, heavy equipment are less needed which cuts to the expenses.


Does it require digging?

Yes. But, as mentioned, it only requires two holes intended for the entrance and exit point of the liner.   With that being, you won’t have to spend some money during the restoration of your property.


How long does a pipe relining process take?

Unlike traditional method that lasts for weeks, pipe relining operation can be done  in 3-4 hours. Also, the curing time of the liner depends on the kind of resin that is used in the procedure. However, always remember  that the duration of the operation still depends on the extent of the damage.


What are its advantages?

When opting for pipe relining method, there are several advantages that homeowners obtain. Here are the following:

  •    Cost effective

    – since digging procedure is no longer necessary in this procedure and manpower is also reduced, expect that the cost of the entire operation is way economical compared to the old method. Aside from, restoration cost dwindles since you won’t have to deal with a totally disrupted property.

  •   Duration

    – most homeowner wants an operation that could be in a short time in order for their chores not to be delayed. In pipe relining, the process only takes a maximum of 4 hours in your time unlike to traditional method that can be done in one week.

  •    The quality of the material

    – since the finish used is an epoxy, expect that you don’t to worry about root intrusion, accumulations, chemicals and corrosion that might damage your pipe in the future.

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